Creating Ripples

I'm not really "healing" others, merely standing with them in their pain (via empathy) and letting my strong, loving feminine light shine so they too can recognise their own pain as a part of the whole of Who They Really Are and thus drop the constant struggle against it, thereby freeing up energy to shine their light too. A truly dark place is hard to figure out and understand because it is so dark therefore it's much easier to find reason when someone throws a little light into the dark for us. With the aid of that light patterns begin to emerge. It's much easier to stand and examine our fears when someone strong and loving is stood next to us holding our hand

I couldn't be a strong loving and holding presence if I feared the dark or ran from pain or avoided suffering. I couldn't do this if I didn't recognise my true feminine power derives from my openness, allowing all aspects of me to be present knowing, with Divine certainty, that when and where my light shines fear has no power over me.

My "job" at Mairela is to give others the opportunity to experience for themselves how we can all embrace and transform or live with our own darkness, pain and suffering by allowing our light to shine on it. We learn about our fears by facing them and understanding them, recognising who or what they really are. When we begin recognising our fears as aspects of our own frightened inner child searching for love and acceptance we begin our our own unique self healing journey working, living and experiencing ourselves through self love and self acceptance. In this way many old fears merely cease to exist.

What's so beautiful about this recognition is that it doesn't need courses or complicated skills to create our own healing, it requires only Love and we are all extremely capable of love after all it is our Essential Nature.

The experiences at Mairela healing retreat are thus incorporated into daily livings. Our experiences of facing fear enhances our recognition that fears arise and grow through our fearful inner child aspect searching for love, warmth, safety and acceptance. When we remember to nurturing and give strength to our inner child through our own self love and acceptance, old traumas fall away.
We recognise that when our energy shines from our heart fuelled by self love and acceptance our inner child experiences the love, warmth, acceptance and holding they
were searching for and thus their fears subside. When the source of this love, warmth and holding is recognised as the same source that is also our inner child all desperate searches for love cease and effortlessly disappear taking their created pain and suffering with them.

There is no magic or secret formula to inner peace and strength. When we allow ourselves to expand so that our consciousness inhabits all aspects of Who We Really Are everything is experienced and recognised at the same time. The previously seemingly separate pieces come together to form a new picture, a new mindset so to speak and we begin to act differently, we see things differently, we make different choices based on bigger, more encompassing and different beliefs.
The old isn't lost but just becomes a part of the bigger picture and as such its truthful reality is clearer to see. From this place we continue to grow in a naturally expanding circle like the ripples across a lake after the first tumultuous splash from a rock. The bigger the rock we can stand to throw in, the bigger the splash and the stronger and further reaching the ripples....
However, there is no gold medal for throwing the biggest rock, after all if it causes us to sink and panic then we have only succeeded in creating more fear! Small pebbles and gravel produce beautiful ripples and movement too!