The coltsfoot bright yellow flower is one of
the first spring splashes
of colour. Mother Nature lets us know that it is
here to help us eliminate mucous from our chests after the long cold winter. As a Flower Essence coltsfoot creates a light
in a dark place

All parts of the dandelion are useful for detoxing
and healing. The young leaves are wonderful in salads and the petals can be added to anything, including omelettes and salads

St John's Wort is most commonly known for its use as an antidepressant which energetically means that it helps us to let go of old energy therefore it is also extremely useful for muscle and joint pain as this is most often caused by "holding" onto outdated thoughts and feelings.



The simplest way to detox is to abstain from the substance causing the toxins in the first place. The body then stops storing those toxins and switches energy to healing and elimination.

Our bodies naturally flow towards a healthy state of being so when we stop and do nothing the healing begins. .

Many different kinds of toxins affect us including emotional and environmental e.g. processed foods, cosmetics, household products or media bombardment.

The clean and quiet air at Mairela is perfect for detoxing especially combined with the sauna and the fresh spring water.

The air quality around Mairela is especially good as shown by the growth of lichens in the forest, in particular Alectoria Sarmentosa or Witch's Hair.

In her book 'Light Emerging' Barbara Brennan states that "The trees in a pine forest pulsate at a rate very similar to a human's auric field. Sitting in such a forest will recharge your field when you need "it" and Calm lakes have a great soothing effect on us by relaxing the tension or hyperincoherent pulsations in our field caused by the stress of modern living."

As you begin to detox you feel bad for a few days as the toxins make their way to be eliminated. This can be eased by drinking lots of water and resting as much as you can. The sauna also helps to eliminate toxins.

Your body has been protecting itself by locking these poisons away and when it gets the signal to let them go the priority becomes eliminating them as quickly as possible. The headaches, tiredness and grumpiness are what you would feel all the time if your body allowed these toxins to roam freely.

Detox symptoms also manifest on other levels so cleansing in a restful environment is helpful.

There are many natural ways to detox our bodies, the simplest of which is to fast for a few days and drink plenty of pure water to flush out the toxins.

There are also many different plants and herbs growing in the forest and garden which can assist our bodies healing. Here at the Retreat we collect birch sap in the spring as it is a natural superfood tonic for cleansing and restoration.

When we begin to study and use these plants in our everyday lives not only do we become much healthier and therefore rarely in need of any kind of detoxification or cleansing but we also develop a stronger link to the natural world.

A stronger link to the natural world and its cycles and rhythms enhances and develops our innate ability to discern what is right for us in each and every new unfolding moment thus eliminating the need for reliance on the tangled and contradictory world of other people's opinions. Accordingly we retain the ability to seek advice and guidance without being overwhelmed or sidetracked by it.

Young Angelica stems are gathered in the spring to make a delicious sweet sauce which acts as a stimulating expectorant and overall tonic as well
as a tasty pudding

The young tips of the spruce tree are collected in the spring to make a wonderfully delicious syrup that is also a
natural cough syrup

The new spring birch leaves make a powerful detox tea which
revitalises and cleanses
the kidneys