The traditional Finnish sauna has many health benefits and is a wonderful way to relax and detox on your holiday

Dear Sara, you are so welcoming & there is such love here. The difference in me in 5 days is amazing! This is the most beautiful place. I will take back so many wonderful memories....You have been so kind. Your love and healing has helped me see so much and within such a warm & comforting environment. It has felt so natural & I have felt so held. I thank you & this beautiful place. Victoria (student)

Healing & Health

What is healing?

There are many different aspects to the art and essence of healing. On the physical level we think of curing illnesses and getting rid of headaches. On the emotional level we imagine a more balanced flow between our various emotions and on the mental level we tend to think of healing as having clearer thoughts and better decision making to create a happy life.

Paradoxically, the culmination of our healing journey occurs when we come to recognise and embody that there is nothing to heal!

So why do I call myself a healer?

Quite simply, because if I called myself a facilitator or a reflector (mirror) even though it would more accurately convey my role nobody would know to look for me under that title.

Why is Mairela Retreat a good healing place?

Because it embodies the energy of unconditional love. The intention at Mairela is to allow everyone to come and be whoever they want to be. I sit with them in the middle of a forest and they are free from work and family constraints so they can drop all their perceived roles. I'm not their parent, spouse, sibling, child, boss, employee, teacher, student or any other role so guests are free to notice their own true self.

What about those who believe their true self to be awful or shameful or unworthy?

I say come here and I'll reflect back to you the beautiful you which you are not seeing.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a great healing and life enhancing tool working both gently and powerfully on all levels

Energy Healing

A holistic approach to facilitating the return journey to health by restoring the natural flow of energy towards perfect health.