"Wow! What a perfect holiday and to think I was worried about coming on holiday on my own! Thank you, thank you for holding my hand in this marvellous, special and fantabulous place and allowing me to be me and deal with process and let go of lots of stuff. You're all fab and even as I leave I can't wait to return."
Tina (teacher)
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great time at your home. I've learned a bit about meditation now, and a surprising discovery about myself, way deeper than any therapists have told me about me. A very rewarding trip and I hope you continue for the next 50 years to help others like you've helped me!!"
Adeline (executive director) /Singapore

Holistic Healing Holidays
In addition to a peaceful holiday in stunning scenery Mairela Retreat also offers the opportunity for spiritual retreat in the form of holistic healing holidays.


Group Retreats

5 Day Small Group Retreat

A small group setting wherein you'll discover how simple mindfulness can become a natural part of your life, you'll uncover hidden strengths as you step into your fears. You'll feel and become aware of unused senses as you begin to hone your intuition, integrity and discernment. You'll learn a selection of simple and practical techniques which you can take home and incorporate into daily life, thus creating the ability to guide and manifest your own unique world

Price: £450 per person which includes accommodation, full board, use of sauna and all sessions.

No special skills are required because all we are doing is learning or relearning to use a muscle or sense we haven't used for a while

The program includes:
meditation practice
Intensive full spectrum energy cleansing and opening
Group healing practice
Daily walks / Forest Bathing Shinrin-yoko
And much more....

No previous experience is required
Lots of free time to spend in the beautiful natural surroundings
Use of lake and rowing boat
Traditional sauna
Airport transfer available
Maximum 4 places
Accommodation is shared in the retreat cottage and house

If you would like to stay on after or come early please ask
The retreat workshop is available to anyone with basic English language skills.

Winter retreat March

A unique opportunity to experience walking across the lake, dipping into an ice hole, rolling naked in the snow, the possibility of extreme temperatures, maybe even some Northern Lights and dark star studded skies.

.If you are looking to discover Who You Really Are then a trip into unknown experiences often provides a springboard into your inner self. A winter experience in Finland really is something different!

Spring Retreat May

The powerful awakening spring energy of New Beginnings makes a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself anew and ride along on the natural creative wave of the season.

Summer Retreat July

Enjoy the full benefit of the lake and sauna! Feel what it's like to live in full light and take advantage of the intense summer energy of blossoming. Feel yourself unfurling and discover your unique inner beauty.

Autumn retreat September

Tapping directly into the autumnal energy of letting go, as we release old parts of our self which no longer serve our purpose.
Letting them fall away like leaves from the tree to provide fertilizer for the new growth to come the following Spring.

10% early bird discount if you book a place more than 3 months in advance! Save £50!

Put together your own group of 3 or more for a self healing workshop week and receive a 15% discount for the whole group.