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Mairela Retreat is situated in stunning scenery, on the shore of a small tranquil lake and nestled amongst the vast pine forest. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a “back to nature” and “get away from it all” holiday, ideal for walking enthusiasts or those seeking creative inspiration. Many writers and artists have found the atmosphere of Mairela to be very stimulating and creative.
Mairela Retreat also offers the opportunity for spiritual retreat in the form of both holistic healing holidays and group retreats.
These take the form of daily healing sessions giving guests the opportunity to explore areas of their life which are not working as they wish, using energetic techniques.
It is the unique aura of Mairela Retreat which creates a safe and loving space allowing guests to trust and blossom. Being away from the normal constraints of their daily life, guests can see more clearly that which is important and find their true purpose.
Holistic healing holidays take many forms, each evolving to suit the highest purpose of individual guests. The intention held at Mairela is to show guests tools they can use for their own self healing, and ultimately to recognise that there was nothing to heal! Healing techniques mostly commonly used are meditation and reiki. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Sessions can be booked in advance or taken on an ad hoc basis during your stay, subject to availability.

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The retreat cottage is ideal for peaceful back to nature holidays