Reiki Healing

Reiki is a great healing and life enhancing tool working both gently and powerfully on all levels

The traditional Finnish sauna has many health benefits and is a wonderful way to relax and detox on your holiday

“I can truly see how immense and powerful the experience was. Mairela is such a beautiful place.. there is a pristine energy rising out of the earth and the air sings with it. It's definite and it's strong, and simply sitting by the lake, or high up on Kuhmoinen Hillfort, is enough to make your heart tingle and soar. I am in awe of the place.
Without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, the healing I received through your hands has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, it has been life changing and will stay with me forever. I can say no more than that, because it is beyond words”
Sean (farmer) Wexford

Energy Healing

A holistic approach to facilitating the return journey to health by restoring the natural flow of energy towards perfect health.



We can detox via elimination of that which no longer serves us or discover and encourage new health enhancing habits to bring about our own perfect health.




Having been to Mairela twice (so far), the first time, by myself, for the solitude, rest and quietness and the second time as part of a group retreat i recommend both experiences. The energy of Mairela is very welcoming and so is Sara, the healer/facilitator of the retreat. I am very happy to have been led to this mystical, healing, new earth space and both times I have come back deeply informed and feeling/knowing myself even more. I found Sara to be a very human healer and for me that is truly inspiring. I know I will be coming back to beautiful Mairela...soon.
Celia (carer) London
....thank you for having me at Mairela as my Reiki teacher for the third degree.
.....walking this road of Reiki is a never ending process of learning about oneself, of self healing, of starting to really care for one self and for our world and our brothers and sisters;
Doing this learning in a place like Mairela and with a person like Sara has touched me profoundly. I have found an island of peace, of loving energy, of pure light that I carry around with me and that I can call upon any time I want.
Completing my formation at "autumn retreat" I have found myself being part of a little group of four very different persons, who didn't know one another and were a little afraid to find themselves in a group. Very fast, opening up to this special place, doing meditations, energy work, Sauna, walks and talks, we felt belonging together, growing together. Each one of us now has come home with valuable tools to go ahead in our lifes, but upon leaving taking "rendez-vous" at Mairela again in a few month time to exchange what we have achieved, and to share again love and light in this wonderful place with it's living heart, Sara!
Iris (reiki master) Pyrenees
Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great time at your home. I've learned a bit about meditation now, and a surprising discovery about myself, way deeper than any therapists have told me about me. A very rewarding trip and I hope you continue for the next 50 years to help others like you've helped me!!
Adeline (executive director) /Singapore
Sara, I know I've thanked you countless times already for the loving healing I've received in Mairela, but you know what..?.... I'm going to thank you again! It's been a few days since my visit, and when I look back at my time there I can truly see how immense and powerful the experience was. Mairela is such a beautiful place; and yet it's more than nice views. There is a pristine energy rising out of the earth and the air sings with it. It's definite and it's strong, and simply sitting by the lake, or high up on Kuhmoinen Hillfort, is enough to make your heart tingle and soar. I am in awe of the place.

And I loved the cottage, and the simplicity of the life there. To walk to a natural spring well and pump water from deep in the earth and then bring it inside to cook with and drink, or to build a crackling log fire with birch and pine from the woodlands, or simply to open the door and step into the brilliant air of the trees, all of these things truly reconnect you to the earth, and remind you that the ground beneath your feet is indeed Mother Earth, and she provides plenty, and we touch her with every step we take.

And thank you so much for your warm embrace when I arrived at the airport. You have a great gift of welcome. I felt that same welcome throughout my stay, in fact I felt as though my week there was a great acceptance that came from your heart, and I was greatly strengthened and reassured by that. It created a strong sense of safety and assurance, and yes, great healing can truly take place when the heart is safe and assured.

And the healing. Without a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt, the healing I received through your hands has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and it has been life changing and will stay with me forever. I can say no more than that, because it is beyond words. Except these two.

Thank you.

Love and Peace,

Sean (Wexford) Farmer

Dear Sara, you are so welcoming & there is such love here. The difference in me in 5 days is amazing! This is the most beautiful place. I will take back so many wonderful memories....You have been so kind. Your love and healing has helped me see so much and within such a warm & comforting environment. It has felt so natural & I have felt so held. I thank you & this beautiful place.
Victoria (student)
Dear Sara. thank you for providing me with the opportunity to immerse myself in life at Mairela Retreat. You have a beautifully energised home - and the surroundings certainly enhance this special energy. I am in awe of the unspoilt beauty that this location affords - Mother Nature at Her very best. The healing sessions have taught me a great deal about myself and I'm sure I have yet to unravel a great deal more from our time together in coming days, weeks, months and years....
I would like to think this isn't my first and last time at Mairela - I have developed a strong magnetism towards this natural healing space and these past 7 days have felt much longer – in the sense that I feel very fulfilled by the experience. I would love to stay in touch with both of you. Please give Freija and Milly a big kiss from me. You will all be missed.
Love Anoushaa xxx (corporate trainee executive)
Dear Sara, I have waited quite a long time to write a testimonial about my stay in Mairela simply because I felt quite a lot of resentment towards you. As soon as I felt those feelings I knew that it was just a matter of time before I found out just what part of me I was really angry about, a part that you reflected and brought forth during my stay.
I eventually did get a breakthrough which brought me closer to parts of myself I had suppressed or chose not to see.
My expectations of what my healing sessions were going to be were definitely not met (and this I recognized as a positive sign!) as I found myself working through parts of me I had not even thought about before. All I can say now about your healing sessions is that I definitely did not get what I wanted but I got exactly what I needed!
I have no doubt in my mind that everyone who is attracted towards your retreat will get from it what they need and this certainly can’t be said of all retreats; Mairela is quite special in that regard!
Besides the healing sessions, you also know I loved the place and came to really appreciate the simplicity of life there, together with the incredible closeness to animals, plants lake and woods! I must say, both as a holiday and a healing retreat, it has everything one could possibly need to experience. It was my first holiday alone and Mairela provided the perfect frame into which I could simply be with myself and yes also my many thoughts! :) I also want to add that the cottage is super cozy and your food just wonderful! I often find myself thinking back to my time there quite fondly and even miss the outdoor toilet at times…believe it! :)
Thank you and continue your wonderful work!
Love Valentina (student)

I have had just the best time ever, with the best people and animals in the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever seen. I feel different...better different and there is nothing I can't do.
Sandra (book keeper/mum)
Wow! What a perfect holiday and to think I was worried about coming on holiday on my own! Thank you, thank you for holding my hand in this marvellous, special and fantabulous place and allowing me to be me and deal with process and let go of lots of stuff. You're all fab and even as I leave I can't wait to return.
Tina (teacher)
"When everything is mad and manic, I think back to my lovely time in Finland with you and your daughter. I think back to sitting on the little pier when I first arrived and holding my breath when a leaf fell into the water and broke the absolute quiet. It was a great inspiration to come and stay with you. It was a ‘meant to be’ situation for me. You were lovely with me, leaving me be when I was happy to find my own way and then being there when I asked for a session. I very rarely ask for ‘help’ but you were wonderful. Thank you!"
Christine - The Grange (IoW)

"Money cannot buy the healing that you just gave me"
Fenni (Helsinki) -Chef
"The memories of the stillness and quiet of Mairela still linger. People did remark about how composed, relaxed and still I had become. On the week of my return a lady at a craft fair directly asked if I was a spiritual healer because she could sense great depth in me. I imagine this could be the combination of the place and what you Sara add to it. I think Mairela is in a location of incredibly concentrated earth energy which I felt as a powerful stillness almost skin-prickling in its intensity. It doesn't feel like I have taken away anything, more like a link has been forged.

Since my visit I have found it easier to flow through situations and coalesce at a point where there is a purpose for me to draw peoples' attention. Your Blog is still an inspiration and a delightful link to natural events at the lake as well as an intriguing ramble on other items"
Nick - Project Manager
I never knew how relaxed I could be until I came here!
Tina W. (Northampton) - Aromatherapist
"Despite having read everything on the web site, I did not know what to expect of a healing week at Mairela. All I can say is that Mairela was a complete panacea for a fairly toxic, stressed, professional from London. The beauty of the environment, the simplicity of living so close to nature and being so looked after by Sara. I had my retreat from the world and was nicely independent but not alone. Thank you so much, I learned and experienced many things that I will carry with me for a long time - if not forever. Thank you."
Caroline Crawford (London) - Solicitor
Thank you so much Sara for being such an inspiration & providing me with the hope that I needed. lots of love,
Jill (Northampton) - Administrator
I don't know what it was you did to that horse but he is now going like he has done this all his life and he has just taken the Gold cup at his first show. Thank you so much for everything.
Penny (Powys) Horse trainer
Dear Sara,
Thank you so much for everything!!!
We had a LOVELY vacation at your place in Mairela. That place is wonderful.
So relaxing, away from everything… just us, the lake, the animals… it was great! I would have spent there the whole summer!
Elena Bohjanen (Spain) - Teacher
Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING Sara. It was a beautiful, chilled-out week. No frustrating computers, no driving, no hassles. I miss the lake, the space, the sauna.
Angie (Norfolk) - Care worker
"Dear Sara, Thank you for a wonderful stay at Mairela. We're very sad to be leaving but we'll be taking home many happy memories!"
" Thank you for supplying such a lovely place to honeymoon! We had a wonderfully relaxing time and returned home feeling refreshed"
Monica & Alex (London) - Architects
"Thank you so much for all your help and kindness during our stay. We certainly gathered some wonderful photographs and an insight into Finnish culture"
Cathy & Clyde (Wales) - Artist & Poet
"Thank you very much for making us so welcome at Mairela - we had a great time, felt really relaxed, and are very happy with the tales of lost pikes, local elk burgers and axed legs that we can interest our friends with!"
Jenny & Craig (London) - Teacher
Thank you for a great week. I felt more relaxed than I have for a long, long time. I'm not surprised that you moved out here, it's idyllic.
Karen (UAE) Teacher