Ancient Hillsite

On the opposite shore of our lake Linnajärvi rises the rocky hill know as The Päijälä Hillfort (Päijälän Linnavuori). This ancient hillfort is thought to have been in use since the 1000's either as a meeting place or as part of a chain of hillforts designed to send signals quickly across he land (think Lord of the Rings!)
In 1983 the Linnavuori was excavated quite extensively, leading to the largest find of Iron Age artifacts in Finland.
Nobody really knows if the large amount of weapons signifies that the Linnavuori was the site of a great battle, some speculate that there was a great fire there and the resulting ashes covered everything which is what lead to them being left undisturbed for hundreds of years.
The battle and fire theories postulate that the Linnavuori then became a taboo place.
These days the Linnavuori is a local beauty spot. For me it holds such amazing energy that I just feel it to be an ancient meeting place.

It's an awesome place for meditation and energy exercises (yoga, chi kung etc.)

Offering fabulous views across Saaresjärvi, which has a lovely island in the middle, the Linnavuori sits diagonally opposite the large rocky outcrop known locally as Devil's Rock. The view keeps on unrolling with endless forest and on certain days it's possible to get a glimpse of the great lake Päijänne.

No trip to Mairela is complete without at least one visit to the Linnavuori, it's a lovely walk from the cottage through the forest or you can make an adventure of it and row across the lake, tie up the boat and walk up the hill.

Many visitors from all different walks of life comment on the special energy and connection that they feel in this special place. I feel honoured to live so close to it and it is my most favourite place in the whole world