Retreat Information

Hello, my name is Sara Gardner and I'm a holistic healer, an experienced Reiki master, a writer, a mother and a cancer survivor amongst other things! I live at Mairela Retreat with my youngest daughter and our animals. I spent most of my childhood summers here at Mairela Retreat.

Mairela Retreat is named after my Finnish grandmother Maire. The ending 'la' means 'the dwelling place of' in Finnish.This piece of land was her inheritance and the place that she had her summer cottage. When she and my grandfather Anton retired they built the house around the old log cabin, then eventually built another summer cottage next door. The house had been left empty for many years, at the mercy of the weather, until I moved here and set about restoring it.

Mairela was created by my grandparents as a Space of Love and I have continued to fulfill the legacy shining the light of love out into the world.

Why did I move to Finland? Everyone, including the Finns ask me that question! I don't speak the language (yet) and I was born and raised in London. Well, in January 2000 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer with less than a 20% five year survival prospect and that drastically alters your outlook on all aspects of life. To cut a long story short, I became a Reiki teacher and moved to a place where I could live close to nature, be at home when my daughter came home from school and set up a reiki healing retreat to help others to heal.

I have been a student with the UK School of Energy Healing which gave me additional skills for helping others and was also a great personal healing journey in itself. I am experienced in Reiki, sound healing, inner child healing, past life regression, celestial or angelic healing, meditation, holistic therapy, shamanic journeying, colour healing, relationship healing, emotional clearing, psychic surgery, chakra balancing, spine cleansing and can give extensive advice on natural lifestyles including diet, detox, environment and daily management and awareness of our energy.

I have set up Mairela Healing Retreat as a place that people can come to for holistic
healing holidays using my Reiki and energy healing skills and where they can experience peace and tranquillity in beautiful, natural surroundings. The peace and relaxation that comes naturally here may be all that is required to help anyone detoxify or cleanse their body, their mind and their spirit, but if you need a little more I offer Energy Healing, Reiki treatments or teachings and lifestyle advice. There are many different ways to relax, destress and find inner peace. Walking, resting, reading, painting, Reiki, meditation or maybe.....

Just sit down on the pier, close your eyes and experience life all around,
The sound of the breeze whispering with the pine trees,
The warm smell of pine surrounds you,
The gentle lapping of the lake's water at your feet,
Woodpeckers tap tapping away in the trees,
Flocks of finches and bluetits chasing and playing,
The occasional plop of a fish as it jumps from the water,
The ravens playing high up in the sky overhead,
Never straying far from their partner.

If you open your eyes,
See how blue the sky can be,
Is it possible that clouds could be so white?
Watch the sunlight playing on the water's movements,
To produce a thousand diamonds, just for you.

One guest commented that she never knew how relaxed she could become until she spent some time here.

Mairela is now home to an organic garden growing many medicinal plants as well as our own produce.

On the other side of the lake is an ancient hillfort site, Known locally as Linnavuori (Castle Mountain).This was the site of the biggest Iron Age findings in Finland.
It's a wonderful place to sit. You can imagine that you are in the real Middle Earth
The ravens stand guard and alert the forest as you make your way up. The views over Saaresjärvi are very beautiful And you can imagine yourself lighting signal fires,
Warning of the coming of the Novgorodians!

Mairela is situated on the shore of Linnajärvi, south facing and surrounded by forest.The village of Kuhmoinen, 9km away, is situated on Lake Päijänne, the second largest lakes in Finland, stretching 170km from Lahti to Jyväskylä..
The larger town of Jämsä is 30km away and offers a range of restaurants, shops and activities. The ski resort Himos is just outside Jämsä (30 minutes drive from Mairela).The cities of Lahti, Jyväskylä and Tampere are situated south, north and west respectively, equidistance away (approx. 85km)