"If I light a candle it doesn't push away the darkness, it transforms it. I cannot push away dark I can only spread more light"

"Dare to imagine your purpose is to enjoy yourself and see how your life changes"


Thoughts From My Gift of Cancer

A Journey of Self Recognition and Inner Healing

"Having spent a lifetime emulating sainthood in order to feel acceptable and loved, the grand illusion of health and serenity was finally shattered by the discovery of cancer. From Management Accountant in the MOD to Holistic Healer in the forest Sara claimed her life back by taking responsibility for creating her own disease albeit unknowingly. So began the work of uncovering and untangling old, distorted and limiting beliefs blocking her life force to ultimately unveil the truth of Who She Really Is."

Emma and the Dinosaur

An enchanting and inspirational tale from the forests around Mairela Retreat featuring love, compassion, humour and a dinosaur!
Emma is always happy to be out roaming in the forest with her faithful friend Teddy the dog but although she knew the forest to be a magical place she'd never imagined meeting a dinosaur there!
Find out how Emma and the Dinosaur discuss the nature of life and consciousness in order for T Rex to find peace in overcoming isolation & misunderstanding.

A beautiful, poignant and humourous tale for adults and children to share and enjoy.