Picture yourself balanced on a beam, poised and still with all parts working effortlessly together to create a serene harmony of elegance and grace. This is our true balanced nature.
Then something goes out of balance for some reason and what happens? We begin to oscillate back and forth, left and right, as we are thrown off balance. What next?
Maybe we use conscious effort to bring ourselves back to the original position, regain our focus and become balanced again just as we were. Maybe the violent tipping frightened us and our new focus is now not quite so relaxed as before, maybe now we are left with a fear of tipping.
Or we use effort to rebalance ourselves into a stronger and more flexible position having learnt from our previous experiences. Maybe we have recognised from our experience how softness and flexibility are actually equally important to balance as are strength and holding. Now we are beginning to understand more of the true nature of balance.
Or sometimes we oscillate so violently that we crash to the floor and lay broken in pieces in a completely different space.
Sometimes we may try and rebuild and climb back up to where we were before - if our previous status appeared to be important to us.
Or sometimes we recognise how easily and effortlessly we are held by the Earth. When we recognise the greater yet seemingly invisible holding we inherently have we find a new beginning or a firm foundation on which to rebuild our unique balance. Our new balance incorporates insights gained from our previous crashes.
When we learnt to walk or ride a bicycle we didn't give up and call ourselves "failures" and lie forever more on the floor bewailing our fate each time we crashed. We
merely incorporated the learnings and experiences gained into our expanding consciousness and adjusted our own unique balance for the task in mind. We learnt to walk and cycle.
There is no reason this approach needs to change just because we are "grown up"
Sometimes when we lose balance and crash we find our landing place isn't very stable either and we continue to unbalance and crash to the point where it seems we may never stop crashing downwards but we always do come back to a firm grounding eventually.
Crashing hurts but that pain is transitory.
Conversely trying to rigidly stay balanced on top of an unstable structure is torturous and has no hope of change to effortless serenity and harmony until we let go
and allow ourselves to crash.
When we crash back to Mother Earth and shatter into a thousand pieces we are ready for our most beautiful rebuild into an effortlessly balanced Being of Light, firmly rooted into the beautiful foundations of Mother Earth enabling us to soar effortlessly through the heights of Father Sky and thus we become a true Child of the Universe.
We Are Always Held
Pain Shows The Way Home