Chaotic Spring

With the arrival of warmer springtime weather the winter's majestically beautiful landscapes begin receding but before the new growth emerges there is a transition period. If there is rain the transition occurs more quickly. For example on the forest roads water stays on top of the ice formed from compacted snow and gradually melts the snow and ice beneath. This water then sits on top of the still frozen road until the road defrosts and then the road becomes a quagmire until the deeper ground melts sufficiently to allow the water to drain away.
During the winter the ground has expanded due to the water content freezing and it is only when spring arrives that any shifting is recognised. On the tarmac road going into town there appear several sharp peaks which may disappear if they are merely caused by one part of the ground defrosting quicker than another or the effect may be permanent and have to be reworked.
In the garden it can seem as if the snow isn't melting at all because everything remains white until one day something begins to poke through the whiteness and you realise it's the top of a birdtable or an old bucket that went missing in December. These emerging objects give perspective to the places I'm walking in and I realise I am walking along my normal path but still a good 10 cms above it!
Everything seems a little chaotic in the transition, even our physical bodies spin and react.
These are like healing moments when we put down old beliefs and lose the old familiar landscapes we'd previously created to keep us safe and comfortable. Even though we recognise it's time to let go and move into a new place it seems difficult to release specially when the first thing we notice is all this melting and chaos!
Now is the time to remain mindful of what the melting chaos represents, that without this transition period we cannot arrive in spring and without moving into spring
we aren't placed for new growth. The chaotic transition announces the natural arrival of the new spring and the shifting quagmire is loosening the earth to receive seed. As we remain peacefully mindful of where we are going (new beginnings) we notice spring is implicit and always has been! Nobody would ever think to try holding onto summer to prevent autumn coming or pushing winter forwards to get to spring sooner. We all recognise we cannot pull at a tulip bulb to get the tulips to come out quicker!

Yet we often try this pushing and pulling with our minds! Our misguided minds build cocoons of safety which inevitably lead to our own suffocation, defences which become our cages and unseen distortions which send us down the wrong path. It can be hard to put down old burdensome beliefs and old defence systems because we've grown accustomed to life with them and have long forgotten how things really are. Until the snow melts I forget I am walking way above the ground, I don't realise I'm not actually even on my path.

Sit in the midst of the chaos and celebrate what the chaos really means, the breaking down of old structures to allow new beginnings to emerge into the new space. Rather than bemoaning the downfall and melting I recognise small signs of what is approaching, the furry willow buds stark against the dark spruce trees and the trumpeting swans flying overhead heralding the new times. When we lose our fear of chaos we allow the snow in our mind to melt and reveal things we had long buried and forgotten. Once we have revealed our clutter we have the opportunity to sort through it, to keep what serves us and discard what doesn't.
Spring cleaning isn't just a household chore! We spring clean our minds by throwing what we recognise as useless clutter thus creating opportunities to rediscover long forgotten treasures. Do you remember how you loved to paint? Draw? Dance? Sing? Walk? Teach? Act? Play?
When did all the old clutter become so important and time consuming that we forgot and buried our real treasures?
Make this your Easter treasure hunt. Springtime Blessings!