Comfortable Beliefs

When we have already made up our minds what an experience means we limit ourselves to that which we already know. Oh sure we may have taken what we know and twiddled it around a little so that it appears to be different but it's still the same old belief system just rearranged like furniture.

I play a game called killer Sudoku regularly - my logical number mind delights in its structure and mystery! I notice how an erroneous assumption in my maths creates a knock on effect throughout the puzzle which because of the structured interactive nature of the puzzle can seem to "proves" itself for a while and only comes to light as an error right at the end when things stop making sense. I rather suspect this happens a lot in life too with one erroneous assumption or belief seemingly proving itself by replication and only coming to light when the whole picture is viewed and suddenly doesn't make sense anymore!
There is great comfort in allowing ourselves to be duped into believing we have everything sussed, that we have rules and structures for all eventualities and possible outcomes because it allows us feel in control and avoid that uncomfortable feeling where something isn't quite right with our life. We don't like to admit something is wrong with our life as that firmly pulls the rug out from underneath us sending us crashing to the ground.
Far better to blame the wobble on someone or something else than face a reality built on erroneous data where everything you ever knew about the world has now been challenged or scrapped.
It's especially scary if you believe in a black and white world wherein the truth is absolute, either it is or it isn't without any possibility of it being neither or both! I used
to live in a black and white world so I can appreciate how safe and comforting absolutes of right and wrong appear but I've also travelled far enough down that path to the exclusion of all others and found the unnecessary pain I inflicted on myself.....all in the name of creating a safe world free from pain! Just as extreme yin always becomes yang (the eye in the middle of the fish) my extreme logic eventually led me to complete illogic.
Mairela is a wonderful place for challenging old world structures especially during the winter. Many folk don't want to experience the cold of winter, they take their current world beliefs from their own lives and extrapolate them to form opinions of how it is here in the winter. If they feel cold at home in 6 degrees then being in a little wooden cottage in minus 20 degrees must be unspeakable.
My latest guest would never have believed a week ago they would have been stood outside naked under a bright starry sky in minus 19 degrees having just left a very hot sauna....but they did! Beyond imagination? Yes, that is exactly what it is and funnily enough that is exactly where all the new, exciting and expanding aspects of life are waiting to be discovered...beyond our mind, out of our mind, past what we already know.
Stepping into the unknown is uncomfortable but you can't really go anywhere new without that step.It's one thing to be peacefully content with where you are in life and quite another to pretend you are just because stepping out scares you to death. Comfort will kill your soul just as readily as any monsters you can imagine.