Healing Power of Love

Having spent so much time working as a self healer I came to recognise monsters and demons as illusions, not useless illusions for they had been instrumental in bringing me to the glorious place I now reside in but they were illusions nevertheless. Once the illusion is revealed the road ahead is trod more easily with a brave heart.
"What great things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

Having lived and worked with my demons and monsters for a few years I understand them and by understanding them and how they came to be created I now naturally view them with compassion because they were all created by me as ways and means of trying to achieve love, warmth and safety.
When we view a beast with compassion and understanding we naturally step into unconditional love and then the real magic happens. When we stand before our beasts experiencing them unconditionally and lovingly we consciously experience and bathe in our own self generated love, warmth and safety and as a consequence our beasts are no longer required and simply melt away.
The more I embody this unconditional love through understanding the further reaching the effects of the melting become.
Physically my muscles relax. I walk more naturally, my body is more naturally balanced therefore less stress and tension is created because I no longer need to counter balance. My blood flows stronger taking more nutrition into cells and removing more waste for elimination, thus cleansing my insides. With this extra flow my organs are more efficient, I breathe more easily and take in extra oxygen thereby oxygenating my cells more efficiently thus empowering them to rejuvenate and work as nature intended. And so on it goes
There is true holistic healing as the positive effects of unconditional love flows freely throughout my physical body with each new opening building on the last and creating the next. The same is happening in my emotional body and my mind as the freedom given by understanding and compassion allows all things to be seen and heard and experienced without fear, guilt or shame. With this approach there is no requirement to be anything other than Who I Really Am in each and every unique unfolding moment. This is how we achieve true peace and thereby experience love, warmth and safety.
This year has seen the emergence of unconditional love into all of my healing work. In fact it can barely be called healing work anymore as guests come and receive
love and recognition of Who They Really Are without any thought or action towards that which they are not.
The journey forwards requires nothing more than awareness of All Of Me. When I am consciously aware of All Of Me I naturally recognise my freedom to choose my experiences. I naturally recognise the voice of my mind when it grows out of balance because I experience pain, stress, tension and frustration.
When I become aware of any pain, stress, tension or frustration I naturally know I have momentarily forgotten Who I Really Am and I have become a little lopsided. My mental energy is shouting and disrupting the balance and harmony.
To achieve love, warmth and safety I embody love, warmth and safety. To embody them I bring to mind all my experiences of understanding and compassion.When all of those are present I cannot fail to be unconditionally loving because I see the paths which led me to pain.
When I am unconditionally loving I have no requirement to hold onto anything or to try and shape anything.
Embodying love doesn't mean eliminating or rejecting any part of who we are, instead we grow ourselves, we expand our horizons so that when old monsters rear up they are a small part of our landscape and we are peacefully and easily able to recognise them as an integral piece of our experience, a vital part of our song and their true meaning is revealed by their place in our song.
All parts of the song are there for a reason. If we look at any of them in isolation they lose their true meaning but when we put it all together in harmony it is beautiful.
Embodying love enables us to sing our song because we love ourselves no matter what note we hit. Embodying love allows our song to be seen and recognised because we don't care what songs we sing and we are not afraid to be heard because the approval of others is no longer the place we look to for love. We have no need to search for love anymore when we are embodying it ourselves.