Past Lives for Future Worlds

Past life regression is an extremely useful aid in expanding the mind because it gives an experiential insight into the rolling cycle of what we perceive as victims and perpetrators. Each of us swaps roles through our various lifetimes and if we consciously held them all in mind simultaneously we could no longer deny the truth that there is no right or wrong way.
By experiencing the full spectrum of a particular lifetime we are able to fully understand the beliefs and logic which led us to the choices we made because nobody does anything without believing it to be the right thing given where they wish to be. Problems arise when we keep applying these beliefs to a smaller and smaller picture instead of expanding our perspective and making new and informed choices as we grow.
Walk a mile in another man's shoes before you judge him.....or go back and relive your past life experiences and the understanding you gain opens up new experiences
for the way forward. Imagine going back and experiencing yourself as someone trying really hard to create a perfect family, you are the head of the household back in the times when the existential pressure of safety and security rested firmly on your shoulders.
Imagine the fear you might be flooded by every time somebody goes against what you believe to be the right way to achieve security. It is this fear which leads to frustration and frustration to anger, then from anger to violence as murders are committed. It's a very common experience going back just a few hundred years. What learning do we take from knowing we have been murderers? Noticing how the constant fear of survival feels in our body and mind gives an insight into the experiences we create by seeing ourselves as mere physical beings subject to the whims of nature. There is more to Who We Really Are but we only experience that and its life affirming energy when we allow it to be so. From our past life experiences we see that by continuing to reduce our bigger picture we cut ourselves off from so much that we ultimately lead ourselves to the very downfall we feared in the first place!
When we fear for our safety and make our own small world with abundant food and shelter we cut ourselves off from the rest of humanity whilst perpetuating the very ideas of need. Little wonder those without food and shelter begin to panic too and in their panic want to have some of our food and shelter.....and in turn we panic because if we give them our food and shelter then we won't have enough....and so on it goes with armies springing up to protect the basic security of one small world. Everything in this particular scenario is borne out of fear and you only have to look around at the world today to see a full working model.
In one lifetime we are the landowner trying to protect our livelihood against the hungry mob and in the next we are in the hungry mob trying to protect our livelihood by getting food.
The bigger picture emerges when we live these cycles enough times to finally recognise fighting over who is right or wrong is ridiculous because neither is right nor wrong. The more pertinent question is whether anyone is doing anything to help the situation and from the scenario above it would appear the answer is no. Both sides are using all their energy in perpetuating fear and subscribing to the myth that there isn't enough and we are all separate.
Do we really still believe that we can write a book of justifications? Is there really a book with columns of all the right things to be and another of the wrong so that we can conveniently dismiss half the population of the world as undeserving and thereby keep more of the good stuff for ourselves?
Deep down we all know we are connected and the guilt of that knowledge is too painful to observe consciously when we behave this way so we cover it with justifications like the colour of skin, the wrong god, wrong sex, wrong age, wrong education, wrong postcode etc. This in turn creates a world of fearful folk all trying as hard as possible to get into the right place, colour, religion, job etc. and then to confuse us all these criteria change depending on which particular piece of the planet you happen to be standing on!
Peace comes when we willingly share all we have, then no part of Man feels fearful or frustrated and in turn each part of Man is shown there is always plenty. If you give away half of all you have you know you will always be provided for because Man gives away half of what Man there can never be lack.
Peace is there when we see ourselves as part of the whole and we know ourselves to be Man. When we see ourselves as an aspect of the whole, death cannot exist as the whole continues in an ever changing wave of life experiences. Without fear of death we have no need for safety and security and thereby no need to divide and conquer. It's another cycle, different to the one we know in this age. And the very great thing about cycles is that you don't have to start them because they have no beginning and no end, you only choose to step into it.
A whole new world is just one step away. What would you choose?