Pictorial Beauty

There is a deeper joy to taking pictures beyond the physical act of admiring the results. Walking around with a camera with the intention of capturing a magical scene or moment places us in a space where we are open to seeing the magical scenery and moments unfolding around us.
Too often in life we are hurrying along from A to B in order to accomplish C and as such are lives are driven by what we don't seem to have and our intention becomes amassing things in the vain hope one of these things will stave the ever present feeling of dissatisfaction.
Only when we stop our quest to find the Holy Grail are we still and quiet enough to recognise we were always surrounded by beauty and abundance. We learn that recognising it was merely a matter of adjusting our focus.
I first began taking pictures when I came to Mairela because I was so inspired by the beauty I saw. I wondered if the skies in the UK weren't just as wonderful but my life was different back then and I just hadn't taken the time to stop and notice the beauty. Having a camera started me noticing and absorbing the different types of beauty I recognised from the smallest pieces of frost to the multicoloured spring and autumn landscapes.
One day I realised I didn't have to keep taking pictures of every stunning scene or sunset instead I could just give myself permission to sit and experience the beauty for absolutely no reason at all except to notice it and allow it to become a conscious part of my world.
To my mind the beauty of photography lies in it being a stepping stone from the hurried world where we feel we need to acquire something to be happy to the world where we sit quietly recognising what we already have and consequently Who We Really Are.
Viewing a beautiful photograph also allows us to sink into the soft energy of beauty and inspiration as each photo carries the energy of intention of the photographer. We can recognise the difference between a shot taken to show a particular tree against a shot capturing the essence of tree. Who knows exactly what it is about a particular scene which makes it beautiful or thought provoking. If we stripped each picture down to its constituent parts we wouldn't be able to isolate the "beautiful" part anymore than we can find the beauty in life by separating all the pieces.
When we create a great photograph we are recreating a stepping stone to a beautiful experience without words and therein lies the power of the picture. When there are no words explaining it our thinking minds don't need to get involved and therefore each picture can mean something unique to every person looking at it.
Likewise we could all look out into the world and see our own unique variety of beauty without need of fighting with our neighbour over which of us has seen the "right" one or the "better" one.
The pictures and camera are stepping stones showing us the beauty around us then to take the experience deeper we put the camera down and step into the picture ourselves, living it fully, experientially and consciously from inside