Polluted Landscapes

I do most cycling in the autumn when visiting the forest to collect the amazing abundance of berries and mushrooms on offer. I notice that the few pieces of litter along the roadside consist of cigarette packets and beer cans. It seems those who fail to notice unhealthy and debilitating effects on their own inner environment also fail to note outer environments too. This isn't really any surprise as our inner and outer worlds are one and the same even if they appear in different forms.
Previously I regarded the collection of berries from the forest as a mundane chore to be endured for the sake of having berries to eat and make juice from. To go and collect a bucket full of any berry felt like the worst thing to have to do because it would take so long. My lack of enthusiasm and energy reflected my inner thoughts. Now I've changed my mind about it and the whole process has changed too.
These days I love to head off with buckets and punnets to spend a few hours deep in the forest because it's like a Zen meditation.
In the forest I'm surrounded by clean and pure air combined with the pulsating energy of pine trees and powerful earth energy further amplified by all the quartz
deposits in the rocks. The harmony of the peaceful surroundings and mindless activity of berry picking soon soothes me into a deep space. The chattering front brain has been given an activity to keep it occupied allowing the deeper and quieter thoughts to unfold.
My mind previously believed that berry picking was a chore to be endured therefore that was my experience and it drained my energy as I forced myself to do it.
I've come to recognise other things in life draining my energy because of the way I view them.
When I cycle up hills instead of telling myself how hard they are and how much of a struggle it will be to get to the top without stopping I remain mindful of the word 'effortless' and notice how much of the force previously used by my legs was actually stress and tension about not being able to do it!! Previously I'd been fighting and bullying myself, using much of my own energy to deride myself and tell myself I couldn't do something! This is something we all do.
When my daughter complains about something she 'has to do' and I see all her energy drain away as she speaks about it I remind her if it is something she really has to
do then why not find the good aspect of the task, however small it may be and focus on that. Find the magic in what you do and focus on that aspect because then you are always engaged in magical activities. And if you can't find any magic in what you are doing ask yourself why you are doing it.
There is magic in all things if we allow ourselves to experience it