What Price Food?

Sometimes folk coming to stay enquire about the cost of food because they've heard it's quite expensive in Scandinavia. Certainly with economies of scale, shorter summers and transportation costs one would expect food here to be dearer but it also appears that way because Finland doesn't really have a 'cheap' food market. When I'm in the UK I notice the supermarkets cater to 3 levels of shopping, the basic range, the normal range and then the top of the range items. It's amazing how someone managed to get designer label concepts into produce!
Generally in Finland we buy and grow food which we then prepare our own meals from because the concept of 'You are what you eat' is well known and consciously acknowledged. The balanced construct of a healthy plate is shown by example in schools as well as taught. Many years ago Finland had the unenviable top slot in the European heart disease tables and so the government decided to do something about it from the roots level. They introduced free school meals for everyone based on healthy cooked meals, plenty of salad, milk or water and bread (rye or full grain not just white processed sliced stuff). The result almost 30 years later is a healthier population and the passing of the heart disease top slot to Scotland.
I'm not knocking the idea of choice but I wonder if we all knew what we were really doing to ourselves would we continue with our shopping choices.
Sometimes folk look into my shopping basket full of fair trade, organic, locally produced, hand grown etc. produce and tell me I pay a high price for my food...and then I feel their energy field and think the same thing about them!
My mother sends me newspaper cuttings from the UK and on the back of one page was an advertisement for a UK supermarket advertising a summer BBQ meal deal
for £3!! 12 bread rolls, 8 sausages, 4 burgers, chicken breast, potato salad and tomatoes all for £3. Does anyone stop to wonder how it is possible to produce all of that for only £3, especially when you bear in mind the packaging represents the greatest proportion of the cost! Somehow the idea that food quantity is more important than quality has taken hold and turned whole populations into zombies...the advert finishes with 'Hurry! While stocks last.'
I'd be hurrying in the opposite direction but I suppose zombies with their brains addled by eating rubbish will comply and part with their cash!
Cookery programmes designed to show us how we can easily prepare and enjoy good and healthy food become skewed and distorted in the starved brain until eating becomes just another leisure activity or hobby.
At Mairela Retreat I've created myself an organic garden based on Holistic principles (everything is connected). Every act in the garden is done with conscious intention to create the exact qualities required from food. This isn't done in a forced way by analysis to reach a formulae based on a standardised version of humans. I recognise there is always balance in nature, even if it is beyond our sight and therefore to be balanced by nature all I need do is allow nature to read me.
I don't get caught up in anxiety about crops which don't grow as I'd hoped....no doubt there is a reason for it beyond my sight. I trust all is in Divine order. Because my garden is filled with a huge variety of crops the various levels of success even out across the whole and I know that what I have serves my highest good for who and what I am right now.
As I dig up my potatoes I sing and as I wash them in the lake I sing. I live my life in a way that maintains the purity of the lake water. I swim in the lake and draw my sauna water from it so that the water knows me and sings my song too. All this takes time but it is effortless because I choose to live this way. I choose it because this purity of mind, body and soul allows deeper experiences of Who I Really Am.
That is my choice and probably isn't for others....I only wonder if those who choose the £3 BBQ know what they are really choosing.....