Emma and the Dinosaur

A tale of daring do (and daring don't) deep in the Finnish forest.....

Once upon a time out in the far North Lands where the pine trees stretch for miles and miles (oops kilometres and kilometres) with the odd lake and pile of rocks thrown in, there lived a young girl called Emma.

Emma lived in a little wooden house in the midst of this forest with her mother, who was a witch and her friend Milly…who was a dog!

Emma's mummy, the witch, spent a lot of time doing 'healing' work and 'processing' stuff…whatever that means…which meant that there were a lot of emotions flying around their place at times!

If there was a lot of this processing lark going on then Emma and Milly would quite sensibly head out into the forest away from all the rotten energy and lightning bolts….at least until Mrs Witch had tidied it all back up again and made some dinner.

Out in the forest Emma and Milly would run through the trees pretending to be wolves and frightening the silly city folk who thought that wolves ate small children…and sometimes big adults too! Milly wasn't always quite so impressed with this game as she wasn't so convinced a wolf wouldn't eat her for a light snack…albeit a very hairy one! But more than anything Milly loved Emma very much and liked to play any game with her.

Sometimes they would climb up to the big rock over the lake where the Iron Age folk used to gather. There they could pretend to be Vikings watching out to distant hill forts and waiting for a signal to be lit warning them of invading Novgorodians (or Russians as we call them now)


Other times they would head out in the rowing boat visiting all the good fishing places around their lake. Milly wasn't very interested in fishing so she would patrol around the rim of the boat pretending to keep watch out for any pirates. Milly knew that she must be a very fierce dog because nobody had ever seen a pirate ship on the lake since she had come to live there, although she wasn't sure how many there had been before.

Today however, Emma had felt the lightning bolts and seen the storm clouds gathering back home so in search of some peace and comfort she and Milly had headed into the forest to the spot known as the dinosaur head.

Why was it known as the dinosaur head? Because it was a big rock that looked just like a rabbit…no, not really, it looked like a dinosaur head!

There it was all covered in bright green moss and surrounded by trees as if someone had buried a tyrannosaurus rex right up to its neck but then ran out of earth.

Emma and Milly liked to sit up on there, snuggled into the soft moss and listen to the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest.

Emma knew that she was safe there because she trusted that the trees loved her and looked after her. She sometimes noticed how the trees would wave their branches at her as she ran past them, almost as if they were bowing and waving to greet her. She loved to sit and listen to the whispering of the breeze in the trees, she recognised that they were speaking to her even though they didn't use words. As she sat quietly with her mind in the trees she felt information coming into her body as if she were a sponge soaking up water. She couldn't really say what this information was because if she tried to think about it she lost her connection to the trees. She had just learnt to trust it and let it all just fill her up with love and peace and make her feel as if she could hold the world in her arms or be as big as the whole universe.

Today she wasn't really listening to the trees, she went to her rock because it was her place of comfort. Today she was feeling a bit unloved. Sometimes she wished that old witchy (or mum as she was usually called) would spend less time loving the rest of the planet and come out to play with her.

So Emma sat on her rock feeling a bit sad and neglected, not even noticing the trees waving at her or little Milly sat in front of her with her big brown eyes peering out from beneath her ridiculously large eyebrows. Eventually Emma did look up and saw Milly with her concerned look.


'Oh I know you love me completely and I love you completely too' she said as she scooped Milly up in her arms and gave her a great big hug whilst she let all of the warm love feelings zing around her body soaking into every cell until it washed away with a tidal wave all the rotten smelly feelings which had been let loose in her only moments before when she had been focusing on how unloved she felt.

Emma was quite used to the warm zingy feelings whizzing round her body and lighting her up as if some inner light had been switched on but now something unusual was happening….the earth was moving. At first quite slowly and then more and more violently…her rock was moving upwards….oh my god it was an earthquake…the end of the world….some kind of strange dream….her brain couldn't make sense of anything anymore and Emma eventually lost her balance and fell to the (luckily) soft mossy forest floor still clutching Milly in a loving hug. Milly certainly didn't understand what was happening either and clung onto Emma with all the might in her little hairy paws.

As Emma sat on the forest floor a little dazed, she realised that the dinosaur rock was now 6 metres in the air….and was balanced on top of a dinosaur neck….which was stuck on top of a huge dinosaur body!

Ok thought Emma, I'm going to wake up in a moment and the very large dinosaur will be gone. So she closed her eyes and counted to three….nope, that didn't work there's still a dinosaur stood in front of me. I'll try counting to ten…so she did…and lo and behold….the dinosaur was still there!

Worse than that he was now bending his neck down towards her and opening his mouth….

When his head was right in front of her….the mouth opened…and…he said "Hello!"

Emma didn't even know where to begin with all this…there was a 6 metre tall dinosaur stood in front of her…the rock that looked like a dinosaur head had in fact been a dinosaur head….the dinosaur was now alive…and the dinosaur could speak! Worse than all of that however…..if you could imagine morning breath that has been fermenting for millions of years…then you could begin to imagine the steamy mist which was now enveloping her. She honestly didn't know if she should faint…or run….or faint….or scream…or faint….or cry…or faint…so she fainted…and so did Milly.

When she woke up a few seconds later she was still in the forest, still on the mossy floor, still clutching Milly (who was still fainted or at least pretending to be) and still looking into the face of a very large dinosaur.

Fine she thought, I can handle this, I'm here with a talking dinosaur…no problem. So she said hello back and the dinosaur smiled. This was probably meant to reassure her but in fact it revealed lots of very sharp pointy teeth which made Emma feel quite nervous. Milly woke up at that point, took one look at the teeth and decided that this was a bad time to return to planet earth and promptly fainted again back to safety!

Not really knowing the normal social etiquette for these occasions Emma enquired of the dinosaur "Can I help you?"

She hoped that the answer wouldn't involve any reference to hunger or finding something to eat….

The dinosaur replied "But you've already helped me by releasing me from my spell"

"Wow" said Emma "how did I do that?"

"By saying the magic words" said the dinosaur

"What magic words?" asked Emma. "Do you mean like abracadabra? Cos I didn't say anything like that!" Emma always found it prudent to deny everything!

"No" said the dinosaur "the magic words are….Oh I know you love me completely and I love you completely too…and when someone utters those magic words and sends love as light at the same time then the spell on me is broken"

"Wow" repeated Emma "What were the chances of that happening!"

"Not very high" said the dinosaur "Which is why I've been stuck here for millions of years but on the bright side at least I got stuck on the surface unlike all of my ancestors who got totally buried and turned into black liquid which you humans keep burning. Doing that just releases the nasty spell into the new world and makes poison and new bad spells there!"

"Oh dear" nodded Emma thoughtfully "That would explain a lot"

"So now the more I think about it" said the dinosaur "I'm not so sure that being released was such a good thing after all, at least when I was locked up in my spell I didn't have to feel so alone and isolated.

And don't even get me started on how misunderstood I'm going to be in this current age…I've just absorbed all the latest information from the trees and you people don't really like us T Rexs do you?"

Emma didn't really know if she should try and humour him or try and break it to him gently but clearly he already had a big inkling that he would be as welcome in the 21st century as a great white shark at a pool party!

Some people would want to blow him up, others would want to capture him and stick him in an electrified cage and do horrible experiments on him….not much of a career choice either way…

"Err…no we don't…because you're so scary….all those big pointy teeth you see…and you eat meat" said Emma deciding to be honest but still a little nervous about introducing the topic of food into the conversation!

"Actually" said the dinosaur "because I live only in your thought at the moment I could live on whatever you care to imagine…if you think that would help"

Emma immediately pictured the dinosaur in her mind munching away on lingon berries, pine cones and mushrooms which were abundantly scattered around the surrounding forest floor for as far as the eye could see….and further….apparently!

"But it still doesn't solve the problem of me being the only dinosaur left alive in the whole universe…that's about as isolated as you can get" said the dinosaur tearfully

"I can imagine" said Emma although she wasn't quite sure that she could imagine the vastness of being the ONLY dinosaur left in existence "but you're not really alone if you look at it another way"

"Oh how's that then?" asked the dinosaur with interest


"Well, my mum says that ultimately everything in the universe is just made of energy, so when you break everything down to its base level all things are made of exactly the same stuff but we just put the building blocks together differently for different purposes and that's why we all act and look a bit different.

Even just with humans there are many different looking people…..and one or two very strange looking ones too I might add" whispered Emma looking around her as if these strange looking people might be about to jump out from behind a tree and object to her comment!

"Hmm, that is an interesting idea" said the dinosaur thoughtfully "so of course even within the human race, in fact, especially within the human race there are some people who feel completely alone and isolated too, as if they are somehow totally different from everyone else and just don't fit in anywhere. Wow, you're right….I can feel their energy resonating with mine now….there are loads of them! How strange that there could be so many people feeling so alone and alienated on a planet with 6.7 billion others!"

"You're a wise old thing aren't you" said Emma "still I suppose you are very old…actually older than my mother and that's saying something!"

"Do you know what I think?" asked the dinosaur.

"Probably not" replied Emma hoping not to get dragged into some awful esoteric debate about the universe and life…she may as well have stayed at home if that was going to happen!

"I think that it was the spell of thinking that I was alone, isolated and misunderstood which really kept me buried and rigid like a rock all these millions of years and when I felt your love running through me like warm honey it woke me up out of that silly idea. I was only buried and deeply unconscious, like being in a big sleep, because I believed that I was alone, isolated, misunderstood and unloved. But then you came along and did your love thing with Milly (who was still quite fainted) and because you are such a brilliant light all of your love spilt over and soaked into me. And now that I've felt the warmth and zing of the love energy in me I realise that I never actually lost it in the first place…..I just thought I did, I just believed I did and so my world was created as if that were true. Do you know what I mean?" asked the dinosaur coming back from his deep reverie and looking at Emma intensely.

"Not really" said Emma sounding a bit bored "but you are beginning to sound more and more like my mother…..can't we go back to talking about eating people and scaring them?"

The dinosaur gave Emma a look just like the one her mum gave her sometimes and she decided not to push it….and wondered very briefly if this old dinosaur was in fact her mother in some sort of disguise…pretty good one though!
"So what are you going to do now?" enquired Emma pushing thoughts of her mum dressed as a dinosaur out of her mind.

"I mean, it's all very well you turning into a veggie and spouting on about love but the fact remains that to everyone else you are a 6 metre tall flesh eating dinosaur that is barely concealed by the biggest trees and will leave unmistakable footprints in the snow…plus, I don't actually believe that dinosaurs were designed for the frozen Northlands in winter anyway"

"Good point" said the dinosaur "but I think I'm already feeling the next step of my destiny"

"So what's that then?" asked Emma, still a little disappointed that roaring and crushing seemed to have disappeared from the menu, although also a little relieved in view of her extreme proximity to said flesh eating dinosaur!

"Well" answered the dinosaur "the whole of life is about creation or co-creation and as I can't create in the old fashioned physical sense, what with there being no Mrs T Rex anymore then I shall turn my experiences and talents to creating life enhancing energy forms with my thoughts and feelings"

"Talents?" responded Emma "Do you mean like being able to juggle 9 chairs or do long sums in your head?"


"Sort of" explained the dinosaur "but not all gifts and talents are for things like that. You see, you may not realise it young lady but you gave me a most magnificent gift today by relighting the love I had inside, which I had forgotten about all these millions of years….in fact it was the greatest gift that anyone could ever make….did I say thank you by the way? I don't think I did…thank you young maiden for shining your light onto me that I could see my own heart once more"

"That's alright" shrugged Emma, not really sure what all the fuss was about but still feeling pleased to know that she had done something really good….even if it was by accident!

So what's the plan then?" continued Emma as she still wasn't sure where all this was leading."

"Well" said the dinosaur "As I was saying, my talents now lie in my huge knowledge and understanding of the pain, grief, sadness and strangling grip of isolated loneliness and misunderstanding. I've got millions of years of experience and memories to draw on which means that I have bucket loads of compassion for all those people who feel those kinds of energy. I know exactly how they are all feeling"

"So how does that help anyone?" asked Emma, feeling like she might regret asking that question but asking it anyway…..after all, if she could sit through one of her mum's impassioned speeches which sounded a bit like this kind of stuff then she could probably cope with a dinosaur version….and it wasn't an everyday thing to get to ask a T Rex questions about destiny!

"Well compassion wouldn't be much help just on its own but coupled with the equally enormous store of love and self worth I now have…thanks to you…did I mention it? Oh yes I did, didn't I, thanks to you I now have the other side of the coin, the other side of the duality….which incidentally is why I now feel whole and complete again….and I can share that energy just by shining it out into the world"

"Just imagine me as a huge dinosaur shaped lighthouse" continued the dinosaur "shining my light out into the darkness of isolation, illuminating the love which is also out there hidden in the dark shadows"
"Yes, that's what I'm going to do from now on" concluded the dinosaur who had never felt so certain of anything before in the whole of his very long life.
"OK" said Emma "but you're still really big and will stick out like….well like a T Rex in a pine forest! I really don't see how that will promote any feelings of love in this world….I mean, for starters some of the people round here are terrified of elk. Never mind the wolves and the bears, so lord knows what they'll make of you….probably Dino burgers given half the chance!"
"That's a good point" said the dinosaur nodding his head in agreement "but I have the solution, you see I don't really need to wear this dinosaur outfit anymore because it has served its purpose of bringing me to this point of understanding, in fact I don't really need any physical body anymore. But I would like some kind of dense field of energy to store up some of this love, compassion and understanding" he pondered thoughtfully.

"My mum…..she's a witch by the way" explained Emma "she always says that the rocks and trees and the earth around here are really great at holding those kinds of energy and that's why folk who come to her for healing feel so safe in these parts"

"Brilliant! That's it!" said the dinosaur "I can return to being a rock dinosaur buried deep in the earth because it doesn't matter what I look like, it's the intention in our soul which gives everything its meaning so I won't be imprisoned in misery like I was before even though I will look the same on the outside. Instead I'll be an energy source of inspiration for folk who seek me. Oh wow, it's so brilliant when you remember how things work isn't it?"

"Is it?" said Emma somewhat mystified by the dinosaur's apparent exuberance about returning to a state of being rock when not half an hour ago he was all relieved about being released from being a rock! Dinosaurs! What are they like she thought quietly to herself, not wishing to dampen his enthusiasm.

"Oh yes" shouted the dinosaur strutting around excitedly "you see, anyone who is looking for me, looking for inspiration and support….they will see me and those that only see rocks as rocks and don't believe in such things as love and inspiration as real living energy…well they won't see me…which is good because if they did see me then they would only see me as a scary dinosaur. Do you see?"

"Not really" replied Emma slowly, although she kind of knew what he was getting at.

"Do you mean like when I think that nobody loves me then I don't even notice all the people who do love me…even if they are stood right in front of me loving me?" said Emma remembering similar conversations she'd had with her mum as they'd sat out under starry skies rocking in their chairs down on the pier.

"Exactly!" beamed the dinosaur "you really are a very wise young lady even if you don't always realise it!"

"Thank you very much" said Emma "So when are you going to change back to stone?"

"I think I'll do it now" decided the dinosaur "after all, now is the only moment" he continued, laughing to himself about his little cosmic joke.

He noticed that Emma hadn't found his joke at all funny so he moved quickly on "I'm going to count to three…the magic number…and then I shall be back in my place as a rock once more….and I hope that you will continue to visit me and talk to me"

"I most certainly will" said Emma eagerly "and I could send people to sit on you too...if they are feeling lonely, isolated and misunderstood, right?"

"Well, of course you could" said the dinosaur "but you don't need to do that, just tell them to look for the light in their hearts…..which may appear to be dinosaur shaped….and then they will find their own inner light too"

"Ok" agreed Emma, quite relieved that she wouldn't have half the world tramping through her forest.

They said their goodbyes and both repeated their thanks again, then on the dinosaur's count of three the rock flew back into place and the forest returned to its former state.

Emma was quite amazed at this quick transformation and even began to wonder if she had dreamt or imagined the whole thing but as she stared at the large rock shaped like a dinosaur's head the big eye winked at her and she smiled to herself.

"How cool" she said to no-one in particular "I've met a real live dinosaur and lived to tell the tale…except of course, that if I tell the tale everyone will think I'm mad and I'll get locked up! Oh well, I can tell mum because I know that she will believe me and she'll be dead jealous too because she showed me this rock in the first place….hmmm…I wonder if she already knew about the real dinosaur….

Then picking up Milly who was pretending that she'd been asleep all of this time, Emma headed off home.

The End

Emma and the Dinosaur copyright Mummy Gardner a.k.a. Sara Gardner